plant construction

Whether individual rooms or entire buildings - air conditioning is always individual and initially from the customer's perspective. Only when all requirements are transparent the construction of the optimal ventilation system can be carried out. Here, a central aspect is whether a new system should be integrated into an existing system or a completely new air conditioning should be created - of course, always from the most modern points of view. Of course, planning and construction supervision are decisively dependent on the complexity of the required HVAC system.

Schrammel GmbH sees itself as the interface of all project-involved trades and ensures comprehensive and systematic planning and coordination in order to achieve the desired and best possible result. For the customer, this results in only a small amount of time and management overhead during the entire project phase, allowing him to concentrate on his core business in his area of ​​responsibility. Building especially designed plants for each of these areas of activity, which have an optimized relationship between function and energy consumption - that is our challenge!

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