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Poor machine alignment is the main cause of damages in rotating machinery. Whether belt drives or clutch drives on blowers or pumps: Expensive repairs and long downtimes are the result of inexact work, or even more of ignorance of the fact that today's systems make higher demands on the alignment.

To avoid unplanned downtime is the most important task of damage prevention. Here we use very successfully innovative, quality assurance techniques and tools.

We use laser alignment systems that allow us to detect and immediately correct the smallest angular misalignments in the shaft alignment. The results of this orientation in each of our work on V-belt drives or special belt drives are:

  • Longer life of V-belts and discs
  • Extended service life of installed rolling bearings (exact belt tension)
  • The assured availability of the aggregates in a maintenance cycle


These belt alignment procedures are the basis of optimum efficiency.

Through the consistent use of these alignment systems, we have been able to counteract further costly blower repairs at several of our customers and since then have been able to avoid long downtimes..


The coupling alignment is as follows:

In order to determine the exact position of the respective axes of rotation, both shafts are rotated in the operating direction during the measurement. The measurement of the alignment then happens online, with constant verification of the shaft misalignment and the gap.

Our approach is superior in accuracy to other methods where the machines are aligned using a ruler or feeler gauge. In addition, it is much more time-saving than methods with dial gauges.

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