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Fleetcor – 2023 Clean Advantage® E-Zertifikat

We are pleased to send you your 2023 Clean Advantage® certificate!

As a participant in our Clean Advantage® program, this annual certificate demonstrates the positive actions you are taking to mitigate your company's carbon footprint. You can also use it to demonstrate your social and ecological responsibility to your customers, business partners and employees.

For every liter of fuel purchased with your fuel card(s), we estimate and calculate your fleet's CO2 emissions and invest on your behalf in industry-certified climate protection projects locally, across Europe or worldwide. 

With our thanks,
Your FLEETCOR team

Shell – 2019 Clean Advantage™

We are happy about the following award and say thank you!

We are pleased to present you with our 2019 Clean Advantage ™ e-certificate on emission reduction. This certificate shows you how many kilograms of CO2 you saved in 2019 by using your FLEETCOR shell card (s). Thank you for your commitment to the environment and your community!

We thank you for your efforts and are proud to offer you a solution that allows you to efficiently and effectively offset your company's CO2 emissions while benefiting the community.

Click here for an overview of the projects supported by the Clean Advantage ™ program.

Thank you very much,
Your Clean Advantage ™ Program Team in collaboration with FLEETCOR


Rasselbande und Mullewupp - make the big and the small smile!

The first sponsorship meeting took place on Friday, February 21, 2020 at Kita die Rasselbande with me as sponsor and Hansi Nörenberg from SV Heckinghausen. The little kids were presented with delicious candy bags by the club and put a big smile on their faces.

Air conditioning technology - an industry that knows no standstill. Find up-to-date information, dates and interesting facts about ventilation and air conditioning.


Air-cooled lasts longer!

In contrast to water-cooled engines, an air-cooled engine can not burst by freezing the cooling water or the coolant at temperatures below freezing and will not overcook if the temperatures are too high because there is no cooling water or coolant.

something to smile:

That's the room, that's the room temperature room

Schrammel goes YouTube.

What does a sales consultant at Hilti's do? What does the daily work routine look like? What challenges does this job offer and what are the requirements?


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