Filed balancing

Balancing on site

In practice, it often turns out that vibrations or vibrations occur in existing systems or blowers. In a large part of the cases an imbalance is the reason.
If then a removal or a longer standstill is not possible or uneconomical, we can remedy with our mobile balancing on the spot - that is in the installed state.

Our balancing device is an industrial-grade portable measuring device without the sensitivity of a notebook. It is characterized by the possibility of use in almost all applications.
Optionally, the device can be used for vibration measurement or balancing. Thus, other possible disturbances can be detected, defined and eliminated.


Technical requirements:

  • The rotor to be balanced must be accessible (eg via an inspection cover).

  • The rotor must be able to attach or remove test and leveling compounds (not plastics).

  • The vibration sensors should be able to be attached to the bearings.

  • It must be possible to attach a speed sensor.

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